Plumbing Apprenticeships

The people of the Middle East were the first to develop methods for transporting water. The ancient Egyptians and Babylonians developed irrigation systems that carried water to their gardens, fields, and orchards. They dredged canals and built aqueducts, large and hollow pipe like structures for carrying water. They used drains and valves to control the flow of water. This is where the term plumbers came from.

Even perfume and lotions may harm turquoise and malachite. Ammonia, caustics and abrasives should never be used on gemstones. Chlorine in swimming pool water may cause pitting in some colored stones. Gemstones may also be damaged by fingernail polish remover.

You can make a cleaning mixture by mixing one part hot water, one part vinegar and half-part baking soda. Scrub the sink with this mixture, using a clean cloth. Once it is drain cleaning dry you can wipe it off. Another homemade cleanser consists of three parts of cream of tartar, and one part of hydrogen peroxide. Apply this mixture on the surface of the sink and scrub with a clean cloth. Let it dry and use a damp cloth to remove it.

Acid drain cleaners are much more dangerous, it contains sulfuric acid concentrations up to 80%. These supposed to be used by licensed personal only such as plumbers due to safety reasons. But unfortunately you may find these in local supermarkets available for normal consumers. According to one manufacturer, potential hazards include violent reaction with water and the production of explosive hydrogen vapors upon contact with most metals. It is very dangerous to in-hail and will create corrosive burns to all human tissue. Above picture is a of such a cause.

Lets consider how the plumbing for this stand-alone shower in my home operates. Water from the city water system enters through the shower head, while faucets control the water pressure and supply. When water drains from the shower, it goes into the beginning of the city sewer system.

The uses of these organic household cleaning products are far better as they posses lesser amount of toxic chemicals and thus help in maintaining a clean and healthy environment.

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